I am a photographer and videographer enjoying life in the Evergreen State. I moved to Washington after spending three years in Alaska, where I was editor of a small-town newspaper. Today, I lives on the island of Vashon, where I enjoy hiking in the beautiful PNW sun, listening to the frogs croak in the evening, and cuddling up with my pups on the couch. 

I left Alaska to get more involved in film. I wanted to make movies. 

It’s been a weird transition, setting down the DSLR and picking up the Sony. I’m still taking photos all the time, but I’m often torn between capturing something as a still and capturing it in a 30-second clip. Most often I’ve got the Canon slung over one shoulder and the Sony over the other.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully give one up, but my love for films grows ever stronger. In the end, I love making pictures in every form. 

In my spare time, I love to make portraits. To see more of my weddings, engagements and more, visit, www.elisegiordanophotography.com.

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